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Flight Training

Private Pilot License

This is the foundational pilot license in Canada. It is recognized internationally. With a PPL, you can fly any single engine airplane and take multiple passengers along with you. 

Commercial Pilot License

This license is the is the foundational license you will require if your goal is to fly for hire.

Recreational Pilot Permit

If your training goal is to fly for fun with minimal investment, only in Canada, and with no more than one passenger at a time, this is the permit for you. 

Hand Controls

We are proud to offer training with Hand Controls for those with limited motion that have a passion for aviation. We are one of the only flight schools in Canada that offers such training. 

Night Rating

To obtain this rating, you must already process a Private Pilot License. The Night Rating is an additional rating that permits you to fly at night. 

VFR Over The Top Rating

The VFR Over The Top is an additional rating that can be added to the Private Pilot License that permits you to fly on top of cloud layers in accordance with CARS Section 602.116.

Mountain Checkout

There are few flights as scenic as flying through the mountains on a beautiful day. This course will help you achieve your goals and is very practical and you can choose where you would like to go! Golden, Vernon, Invermere and Kelowna are just a few.

Tailwheel Checkout

If you have recently purchased a tailwheel aircraft or are feeling a little rusty, you can sign up for our Tailwheel  Checkout. The average course completion time is between 10 to 15 hours of dual instruction. 

International Students

Looking to get a pilots license but live outside of Canada? Our International Student program helps those looking to soar in the sky achieve this goal in Canada. 

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