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Commercial Pilot License

The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is the foundational license you will require if your goal is to fly for hire.  It is recognized internationally, and as such allows you to fly in Canada and around the world.  

This license includes the Night and VFR Over the Top Rating, and allows for the addition of several other ratings, such as a multi-engine or instrument rating (see Flight Training page for more information).

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Cost and Rate Breakdown Sheet

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The minimum age to obtain the PPL is 18 years old and obtain a Category 1 medical certificate. You must have a Private Pilot License. A minimum of 200 hours total flight training time including a minimum of: 

  • 100 hours of pilot-in-command time, including: 

    • a minimum of 20 hours pilot-in-command cross country flight​ time

  • Following the issuance of the Private Pilots License, the candidate must have completed: 

    • 65 hours of commercial pilot flight training including a minimum of:​

      • 35 hours dual instruction, including: ​

        • 5 hours of night flying, inclduing 2 hiurs of cross country flight time​

        • 5 hours of cross country flight time

        • 20 hours of instrument flight time

      • 20 hours of solo practice flight time including: ​

        • 25 hours solo, including cross country flight a minimum of 300 nautical miles and a minimum of 3 landings at other airports​

        • 5 hours solo flight time at night with a minimum of 10 takeoffs and landings

Minimum of 80 hours of Commercial Ground School and 60% or higher on the Commercial Pilot License - Aeroplane Exam

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