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Learn to fly with Freedom Air

Professional. Accessible. Locally Owned.

The sky is not the limit

Freedom Air offers professional flight training and is located only 30 minutes northeast of Edmonton. Freedom Air personalizes your self-paced training program to your time frame and needs. Freedom Air is one of the only flight schools in Canada to offer training with Hand Controls for those with disabilities. 

Experience the thrill of flight

Our Discovery flights are a great way to get a taste of what your training will be like at Freedom Air. After spending some time on the ground familiarizing yourself with the aircraft, you'll sit in the left seat and take the controls of a Cessna 172! You'll be sure to catch the flying bug after an unforgettable experience like this.

Discovery flight


"Just saw the article about your toy drive in the Sherwood Park paper. In a time that’s so divisive and negative, it was such a breath of fresh air to read about something so wholesome and wonderful. Thank you for all you do. Happy 2022!"

"Amazing city tour, extra friendly and so informative. I want to go again and again!"

"The instructors were so proffesional. I had no flying experience before and I was welcomed right away. They got me in the plane as soon as possible and learning to fly."

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