Mark Logan


While working in Yellowknife, NT at the age of 21, I had the opportunity to work at the local airport. I spent many hours in the back of a DC-3, DC-4 and C-46 before coming back to Alberta to pursue my Ultralight Permit at the St. Albert airport in 2000. 

I've had a passion for aviation right from the beginning and I have been actively involved for 22 years. I first started flying when I gained my Ultralight permit in 2001. I continued on to earn my Private pilots license and Commercial pilots license.

I was so passionate about flying that I wanted to share my knowledge with other people with the same passion.  In 2007, I achieved my first instructor rating and was an instructor at a local flight school in Alberta for several years. But, I didn't stop there, in 2011 I opened my own Flight Training Unit, Freedom Air, originally at Cooking Lake Airport and now at Josephburg Airport with 2 beautiful Cessna 172's and a Cessna 150.

I have over 3100 PIC hours in 24 different types of aircraft. I have put through 80+ first solos.

I fly 7 days a week, 365 days a year! I love being in the aircraft sharing my aviation knowledge and creating future pilots.  

Kemp Skripitsky


Class 4 instructor

Joining Freedom Air in 2020, I have been a flight enthusiast my entire life.  With over 250 hours of PIC time, I have flown the length and breath of Western Canada on cross country flights, in and out of many small airports. You can always come ask me for a cross country suggestion, I have many!

IFR certified, I recently created the program and syllabus that Transport Canada approved to certify Freedom Air for IFR instruction.

My long term goals include possibly a Class 2 Flight Instructor rating then pursuit of a career in either private aviation or commercial airlines.

Today, my first and only priority is my availability to my students. I'm always ready to help you achieve your own aviation goals. 

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