Mark Logan


While working in Yellowknife, NT at the age of 21, I had the opportunity to work at the local airport. I spent many hours in the back of a DC-3, DC-4 and C-46 before coming back to Alberta to pursue my Ultralight Permit at the St. Albert airport in 2000. 

I've had a passion for aviation right from the beginning and I have been actively involved for 22 years. I first started flying when I gained my Ultralight permit in 2001. I continued on to earn my Private pilots license and Commercial pilots license.

I was so passionate about flying that I wanted to share my knowledge with other people with the same passion.  In 2007, I achieved my first instructor rating and was an instructor at a local flight school in Alberta for several years. But, I didn't stop there, in 2011 I opened my own Flight Training Unit, Freedom Air, at Cooking Lake Airport with 2 beautiful Cessna 172's and a Cessna 150.

I have over 3100 PIC hours in 24 different types of aircraft. I have put through 80+ first solos.

I fly 7 days a week, 365 days a year! I love being in the aircraft sharing my aviation knowledge and creating future pilots.  

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